Have non-converting traffic? We know how to utilize it!
Become a data supplier for other businesses that eager to reach out to the audiences you have. Monetize your data effectively and build an additional revenue stream!
Why us?
IntelleMail is a data-management agency that helps businesses to acquire new clients from multiple sources by promoting their offers to intelligently targeted audiences, provided by our extensive community of data-suppliers. Don't miss your chance to become one of those!
How it works?
are constantly looking for a relevant audience that matches the products or services they promote.
Data Owners
are looking for buyers to whom they can sell customers data legally and effectively.
helps both, marketers and data owners, to get what they are looking for and generate amazing results together!
Own first-party customer data?
Reach out to us and get educated on how to monetize your data, aligned with compliance. Become a professional data-market player
What does data-partner get?
Turn your prospects and clients lists to additional revenue stream by offering them hot deals and promotions from top advertisers
Generate more revenue from your customer base
Customers lists, subscribers, event visitor contacts, rejected leads - we know how to convert them into real money.
Get profits without dealing with all the ins and outs of managing data monetization business
We take over all tasks related to data monetization starting from finding advertisers to data cleaning, customer support, and billing.
Maximize your data-generated revenue with our top-level service
We enrich your initial dataset with social and behavioral data to make it more valuable for advertisers. Our team prepares data for being used by mailers, data brokers, and agencies. We set up transparent reporting process as well as work on cross-sale and up-sale strategies with our partners.
Transparent and reliable relationships
With access to a huge amount of data in the industry and a meticulous approach to data hygiene, we ensure a high level of security of the data transmitted to us. All data is stored encrypted and can only be decrypted using a key. Our technical addresses are added to all databases, which allows us to prevent any attempts to unauthorized usage of your databases.
Check if you are qualified for a data partnership
Get a chance to double your revenue from your first-data without any additional workload